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Monday, 29 March 2010

Hello and welcome to Wolfmaan's website. The media often refers to Wolfmaan in a number of ways, including: Adventurer, Explorer, Conservationist, Photographer, Writer and barefoot Indiana Jones.

Wolfmaan has an Associate degree in Wildlife Forestry Conservation as well as Police Foundations. Other certifications include Rescue Scuba Diver, Day Hike Leader, Wilderness Medic, and Leave No Trace specialist.

Travelling extensively through North America and parts of Europe, Wolfmaan has visited some of the most unusual and remote places in the world.

Teaching and writing about the outdoors is his passion. For several years, he served as a hike leader for Brock University. In summer 2008 Wolfmaan worked for Easter Seals camps providing physically challenged youth with a wilderness experience. Wolfmaan also works with Scouts Canada as a Scout Leader.

Wolfmaan, known for travelling the world barefoot writes “Going barefoot is something that I do, it's not what I wanted to be known only for.” Wolfmaan broke a world record in Summer of 2009 for being the first person to hike the entire 850km Bruce Trail in Ontario Canada barefoot.

Keep it wild and go explore!

Wolfmaan's Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you always barefoot?

I have gone barefoot since I was very young, and firmly believe that going without shoes allows me a deep connection with the natural world. It forces me to slow down, to be careful where I go, and pay attention to my surroundings.

I'm living proof that a westernised person can can successfully live barefoot without injury or complication.

Going barefoot is very primal, very primitive and fills me with Earth Energy.

We live in complex times. Most western people are far removed from the natural world in almost every aspect of their lives. Tom Brown Jr, states that we all need to “re-establish our connection with the earth”.

Every time there is a media reference to you, it's normally focused around your feet. Why is that?

I enjoy a connection to the Earth that few people understand. I enjoy a tactile sense which few people experience on a day to day basis. Going barefoot certainly makes me different than 95% of other adventurers and travel writers out there. I certainly don't want to be known only for going barefoot, but that uniqueness often makes for an interesting read.

You mention that being barefoot is a “primal thing”. What does that mean?

I am a very spiritual person. I studied esoteric spirituality such as Wicca for many, many years. It's very common for Wiccans, Buddhists, and other spiritual based belief systems to go barefoot to keep their connection with the Earth Mother.

Is it a fetish thing?

I am always surprised when people ask me about this. I certainly won't deny it feels good to be barefoot, it is not a sexual thing.

What Kind Of Music do you like?

I have a very unusual taste in music. Most people have never heard of the groups I listen to, although some are popular in Europe. I love tribal music with drumming and chanting like "Gabrielle Roth and The Mirrors", and "Huun Huur Tu" (Mongolian Throat Music) I also love "Morcheeba" and "Tricky". On the darker side I enjoy "Oribital", "Enigma", "Delerium" and even "Enya"

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  1. Mongolian throat music? I like Enya. Have you seen any worthwhile caves on your travels along the Bruce Trail?


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